Pioneers everywhere!

Hello and happy Pioneer Day everyone!!!  There were neither fireworks nor parades here in the streets of Bangalore, but we still had a pretty solid day.

Yesterday was our Pioneer Day, as we are a day ahead of y'all at home, three of the elders serving in the Convent Road ward spoke (we have four total, but one elder spoke last week): myself, Elder Jensen and Elder Sunny.  That was super fun.  I mentioned in my talk that as I looked over the congregation, it didn't look like anyone had ancestors who crossed the plains, but I did see a room full of pioneers who chose to change the course of their lives by choosing to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was the most amazing thing to see.

Speaking of pioneers, I believe there are few as unique a pioneer as brother Navaz: our favorite (and only) Muslim investigator who got baptized yesterday!!!  But really though, I can't think of anything else as unique.  And the way he found our church is equally as remarkable.  A couple months ago, Navaz decided he wanted to learn more about and follow Jesus Christ.  So he went online and googled: "true church," and obviously the link to mormon.org was one of the first results that came up.  So he went to the site and placed an order for the copy of the Book of Mormon.  The missionaries started teaching him, time went on and I came along and had the privilege of teaching him with Elders Sunny and Wakefield last transfer, and it was incredible to see how much he was learning in so short a time.  He was sharing with us examples he'd thought of about how Sabbath day observance would lead to eternal life and whatnot, it was awesome.  Yesterday he was baptized and is now a true pioneer.  I truly feel so blessed to have been a part of his conversion.

Also, our investigator Alex passed his baptism interview yesterday and will hopefully be baptized this coming Sunday!!  Got some photos from Navaz's baptism, I'll send em your way.

Much love, have a good week and keep the faith!

Elder Tuscano

P.S.  Side note: Navaz was interviewed and approved to take baptism by President Mortensen so as to protect himself, his family, and us.  We're all good in the Muslim brotherHOOD hahaha I thought that was funny. 


photo art and matching ties

painting-like scenery in the neighborhood
security guards with matching ties

Hello hello all!

Not a whole lot to report on this week, unfortunately.  It was pretty hot and humid this week, but nothing unbearable.  

We went on exchange a good number of times this week to Indiranagar, our  zone leaders' area in central Bangalore.  Last week I mentioned that Elder Jensen ALMOST got deported, but Elder Porter (one of our zone leaders), WAS deported haha.  He will be finishing the last couple months of his mission in Hong Kong.  But while Elder Braganza was waiting for Elder Porter's replacement, Elder Jensen and I got to tag along with him to do some work in his area!  It was pretty fun.

Also this week, Gregory, a recent convert of like MAYBE six weeks, was asked to teach the elders quorum lesson yesterday and the topic was temple and family history work.  He was literally the only one in the room who hadn't been to the temple and still gave an AWESOME lesson.  I think everyone was really impressed, especially me.  

Everyone have a good, solid week, and keep the faith!

Elder Tuscano


bit by a street dog and other close calls...

Hello hello y'all, what is up?

This was another good week here in Bangalore, not a whole lot that is super happenin' though, just a couple cool things.

Elder Jensen almost got deported this week haha.  He went to register at the Foreign Registration Resource Office here in Bangalore basically to inform the Indian government that he's here.  Americans have to do this same thing every time they go to a new city.  He went with another American missionary and, as it so happens, Bangalore's registration office isn't too fond of Christian missionaries, so they tried to say that his visa wasn't valid and told him he had to leave the country the following week.  Their argument has not support, validity, nor evidence to actually deport him, only bias.  So everything is all good, we will more than likely finish our training here in Bengaluru.

In other news, I hope you guys remember Gregory and Gowtham because guess what: yesterday, Gregory blessed the sacrament for the first time and Gowtham passed the sacrament!!!  As a missionary there are few greater feelings than seeing those you've taught progress and come closer to God through obtaining the priesthood and fulfilling its responsibilities.  Gregory also spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday and, had I not know he is a recent convert, I would have assumed he's been a member for quite a while, if not his whole life.  It was an incredible talk about faith.

Also I got bit by a street dog this week haha, I'm fine though.  No skin puncture or anything so no hospital visit.  It's all good.

Hope everyone has a good week, and wish Haley Lindsey a happy birthday if you haven't already!!  She is rad and it is her birthday today.

Keep the faith,
Elder Tuscano


new mission presdient is a former NFL QB; bird linving in a/c unit; pipal leaf painting

pipal (fig) leaf painting purchased from street vendor
 Alex and Elder Jensen

Shout out to America the beautiful on this wonderful Independence Day.  Not Indian Independence Day though, that's next month on the 15th. 

This week was pretty happenin.  As the Bangalore zone, we were privileged to be the first missionaries to meet President Mortensen!  He is a boss.  Literally, one of the coolest, nicest guys you'll ever meet.  He's the kind of person that upon meeting them you're best friends.  He's very genuine, and also super rad.  He served his mission in Taiwan, played in the NFL for a couple years as a quarterback for the Redskins and the Broncos (I think), and prior to his call as our mission president, he was a general conctractor for custom homes in Arizona.  He is a spiritual giant with a powerful testimony and I am excited to work with him for the remainder of my mission.

I think that's it as far as eventfulness goes this week, sorry.  Wait no, we have a bird living in our A/C unit in our apartment haha, so that's pretty interesting.  Fun, right?

Everyone have a good week and thank the Lord for religious freedom!  It truly is one of the greatest liberties we enjoy.  Keep the faith!

Elder Tuscano